Do you have old VHS videos that have recorded your precious memories whether it be birthday, wedding, 21st, anniversaries or other memories? Or maybe you have a special business event on an old tape from long ago? Oran audio recording, music or movies that need to be copied onto DVD, CD, Flash drive or Hard drive?


Whether your recording is currently on a VHS, CD, DVD or MP3, memories cannot be replaced. So get them out of the cupboard or box today and bring them into ASH Café to have them preserved with our CD or DVD conversion services so you don’t lose them forever. Preserve your memories with our VHS conversion services in Auckland, NZ.

Imagine your grandchildren seeing themselves as children when they are adults. Or to see a movie of you or your other family members when they were younger. Maybe you have a special anniversary or family reunion coming up that all your family members would attend. How amazing would it be if you could show them all old recordings of younger days or even of people who have sadly passed on.

ASH Café understand the importance of stories and moments shared of current and earlier generations, or other moments from the present or past, and that they should be archived and preserved for all time. So we take extreme care when we convert your old recordings to the latest storage products whether it be to CD or DVD, or to a file able to be copied onto a Flash drive or Hard drive.



We can also copy them onto more than one CD, DVD or Flash drive so you can give them to others to keep forever too. With our DVD burning service, keep all your things together and alive.

If it is your favorite music (or maybe a song performed by one of your family members, young, old or in-between) that is currently on a CD, we can burn them as copies for you so you can use them in your car and home at the same time. Or maybe to share with others. As a guideline, one CD will hold 700MB of MP3 or data, or 80 minutes of audio or music.

A movie that is currently on a DVD can also be burned as a copy as many times as you need.

DVDs and CDs can also be copied onto Flash drives so you can copy them onto your computer and save them forever, or share with others.Or bring in your computer with you and we will add it to your Hard drive. You can then immediately share via social media, email or other file sharing applications.

Don’t delay one more day. Pop into one of our Cafés today and ask us about our conversion processes and prices. We will convert them while you wait, or have them ready for you to pick up when you want.

Ask our team for the best type of conversion that will suit your needs.

Data copy to CD/DVD

Although Flash drives or other cloud drives are usually used to back up data, if you require data copied onto a DVD or CD for extra security, ask the ASH Café team for more information.

Retain images as photos

If you want any of the images from a recording copied, printed, Photoshopped or edited to produce a photo or image we can do that too! We can print them while you wait or save them to files to add to presentations, display boards, birthday cards or invitations that we also can take care of on the spot. ASH Café can also copy them onto CDs or DVDs as identical to the original image so you can quickly see which CD or DVD contains which image, or set of images.

Conversions available


  • Video tape to DVD
  • Video tape to Flash drive
  • Video tape to Hard drive
  • VHS to DVD
  • VHS to Hard drive
  • Burn Audio or Video to CD and/or DVD
  • MP3 to CD/DVD
  • Print images on CD or DVD
  • Copy data to CD or DVD
Blank CD/DVD
CD $0.99
DVD $1.49
CD $4.99
DVD $7.99
DVD(x2 layer) $9.99
Blu-Ray $11.99
Print on CD/DVD $8
VHS to DVD $25.00(2 hours)
Convet VIDEO FILE $8.99

$15.00 will charge for each extra hour


  • All conversion services available at every ASH Café
  • Extreme care taken with your precious memories, favorite music and movies
  • Precious memories transferred or enhanced for photos or other file formats
  • Fully trained staff
  • Full support for any questions or help
  • Clean and easy accessible Cafés