Computer Usage

ASH Café Services provide instant, fast and reliable internet access for personal or business communication.

Do you need a powerful secure computer with a large screen to create a CV or email, surf the internet, check out YouTube, chat on social media or burn CDs, videos or music? Maybe you might even want to play online or local games while you are there. ASH Café Services provide instant, fast and reliable internet access for personal or business use. We are well known as the best internet cafes in South Auckland, New Zealand.

Visit one of our 3 Cafés in Auckland City, New Zealand, if you are needing an instant and private internet connection with the fastest internet and broadband speeds and powerful computers with no lagging and perfect ping. If you just need a secure and fast wi-fi connection for your own device, we can provide that too.

Or if it is printing of bank statements or access to your online bank account you need, you can be assured of the utmost security and privacy guaranteed through our very secure systems.

You can also be assured that no data or logs are stored or saved on our servers or hard drives when you are finished with our computer.

Writing assistance – If you are concerned that you don’t have the right level of writing skills, we will also help you professionally create the document or email you need. Either on the spot while you wait or to have ready for you to pick up later.

Maybe you are out shopping and want to leave your children or teenagers in a safe, clean environment. Don’t hesitate to pop in and see how we can provide them with fun entertainment while they are waiting for you. Be prepared though – they may not want to leave!

Or perhaps you want to print photos from your Facebook or other social media account on the spot while you are logged in? You can do that too! Ask us how we can help you if you need any printing or copying, scanning, passport photos or design services.

Drop into any ASH Café today to enjoy easy access and a clean environment with friendly and helpful staff.

Services Available Include

  • Internet surfing – Google and all other internet platforms
  • Social media websites – access to all online media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and lots more
  • Connect – Email, Skype, LinkedIn, WhatsApp Watch and listen – documents, videos, music, movies, YouTube
  • Download and upload – videos, movies, music, documents and other files
  • Create –Microsoft Office tools and applications
  • Professional writing help – emails, documents or other written content
  • Burn – CDs, music, videos
  • Flexible pricing – One off visits or membership savings able to be used at any of our cafes.
Internet Cafe Manurewa
Computer Usage
10 Mins $1.50
30 Mins $2.50
1 Hour $3.50
1 1/2 Hour $4.50
2 Hours $5.50
3 Hours $7.50
4 Hours $10.00
5 Hours $12.00
All Day $15.00
Internet Assistance $10 (5 min)
TOP UP FOR 10 hours $25.00
TOP UP FOR 10 hours $30.00
TOP UP FOR 10 hours $35.00


  • IFull privacy and security guaranteed
  • Fast internet and broadband speeds – instant online access to our computer or your own device
  • Powerful computers with large screens
  • Fast browsing, gaming, downloading and streaming
  • No lag
  • Perfect ping
  • No buffers for movies or videos – constant streaming without delays
  • Large easy to read screens
  • Fully trained and friendly staff
  • Clean cafés with easy access