Do you have an urgent meeting or project to complete that needs premium printing or photocopying done?Or maybe you just need something special laminated or scanned, or your computer has broken and you need to send an email from one of our fast, secure computers. Whether it is a Drivers Licence, ID card, special photo, painting or other document, we can scan it to your Flash drive or email address. Or acquire our laminating services in Auckland, NZ to preserve and protect it for display or other purposes.

Visit one of our ASH Cafés for fast and reasonably priced print, copy, enlargement, fax, email, scanning or lamination services. Our trained staff will assist you with most sizes and quantities while you wait, or for larger print quantities we can do them before you arrive. Let us help make your life simpler – make use of our expertise and high quality equipment for a single page or thousands.

Bring what you need printed on a Flash drive or you can email it to us at the Café when you arrive or beforehand if you are in a rush.

If you need someone to type your letter or document we can help you with that too! Ask one of our trained staff for assistance.

We print and photocopy to most sizes and paper quality on standard or heavier paper up to 300 gsm, black and white or color, in high resolution. Paper sizes include A3, A4 and A5. Digital printing and offset printing is available on demand. We print business cards, photos and almost any other document or image. Check out our full Café services for all other specialized printing needs.

Or maybe you need to use our Photoshop Illustrator or other photographic design programs to enhance your photo or add your concept or idea. Ask us for our help for any result you need as we can also do it for you, on the spot while you wait or to pick up later.

And don’t stress if your computer or wi-fi is inaccessible and you need your printing or email in a rush. If you need to access your own computer or social media account to access your files to be printed, scanned, laminated or faxed, you can bring your device in, plug it in to our wi-fi privately and email your document to us on the spot. Or use one of our own secure computers and/or Photoshop and design applications, available at every ASH Café.


  • A3, A4, A5
  • Drivers Licence or other ID Cards


  • A3, A4, A5
  • Enlargements or reduced sizes
  • Single sided or double sided
  • Passports, books, documents
  • Photos
  • Digital printing


  • Access your own email from our server
  • Ask us to send new copies of documents or photos to your email address


  • To local, national, international or toll free numbers
  • Discounts available for sending to Australia, Canada, UK or USA fax numbers


  • A3, A4, A5
  • Black and white or colour
  • Various file types – including JPG, PDF and more
  • Identity documents – Passports, ID Cards, Drivers Licence
  • Most other documents – newspapers, books, papers

Ask us about special discounts for large quantities

  • Enlargements
  • Fax
  • Laminating
  • Paper
  • Photocopying/Printing
  • Scan/Email
  • Typing


Photocopying & Printout

SIZE 1-25 26-100 101-500 500+ 1000+
SINGLE SIDED $0.30 $0.25 $0.20 $0.15 $0.10
DOUBLE SIDED $0.60 $0.50 $0.40 $0.20 $0.10
SINGLE SIDED $0.50 $0.35 $0.25 $0.20 $0.15
SIZE 1-25 26-100 101-500 500+ 1000+
SINGLE SIDED $1 $0.70 $0.50 $0.35 $0.25
DOUBLE SIDED $2 $1.40 $1 $0.70 $0.50
SINGLE SIDED $3 $2 $1.5 $1 $0.70


1-25 26-100 100-500 500+ 1000+
$1 $0.70 $0.50 $0.35 $0.25


SIZE 1-10 11-20 21+ 50+
ID Card $3 $2 $1.5 $1
A4 $3 $2 $1.5 $1
A3 $4 $3 $2.00 $1.5


  • Special discounts available for large quantities of all print, copy, scan and laminating services
  • Internet access also available from our computers or your own device using our wi-fi
  • Print from an internet page or social media account straight onto a Flash drive or to email
  • Various sizes and paper quality
  • All services are available at every Café
  • Fully trained staff
  • Full support for any questions or help
  • Clean and easy access Cafés